Manik is all about adventure. After numerous rafting, cycling and trekking expeditions, he found his true calling on the river and has taken to the sport like a fish takes to water. He's taken kayak training courses both in India and in the US to strengthen his paddling techniques, completed various first descents and has been on many classic white water expeditions on rivers such as the Ganga, Kali, Sarayu, Bhagirathi, and the Alakananda.

A true river bum and an ACA certified level 4 WW kayak instructor: when is he not hanging out with his dog or lazing around he loves to spend his weekends in his little kayak, exploring and discovering new rivers in the South of India.  Manik loves to teach and train and when he is not on the river, he is busy lecturing people about the art of kayaking ... with a mug of beer in his hands.