Siddharth completed his schooling from Delhi and college from The Ohio State University, US with a Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Engineering. Being a regular visitor to the river throughout his life with rafting experiences, Siddharth decided to up his game by getting into whitewater kayaking. Starting September of 2015, he joined the team of Madras Fun Tools in Bangalore and has since trained and assisted in the instruction of kayaking enthusiasts through the operations of Goodwave Adventures.  Siddharth has currently run 8 river sections to speak of in his kayaking career, most of them being in the South of India as well as the big volume Kali River up North.

Being the youngest member in the team, Siddharth provides that balance that one would need in a team! Apart from finding sustainable water management solutions and enjoying his time on the river, Siddharth is gearing up to apply for his Masters in his professional field!