Course Information 

This course is a combination and extension of two of our most sought after courses, i.e. LTK, LTR-Into & LTR (Level 3) This course will be held in the pristine river sections of Iruvanjhipuza and Chalipuzha in Calicut district of Kerala. 

Day 1 (6 hours)

The first day of the course is meant to get you familiar with the basics of the sport. You will be taught and made to practice the following skills in a section of a river that is fairly still . 

  • River safety protocol 
  • Swimming in the river
  • Gear familiarity and boat control 
  • Basic paddling strokes, forward, backward, side and turn strokes
  • Self rescue and eskimo rescue technique

Day 2 (6 hours)

Tn this session you will be taught to negotiate currents and we will introduce you to handling your kayak in moving water. You will be taught the different white water kayaking skills that are essential to maneuver the kayak down the river. 

The last 3 hours of this session we will guide you down a class II river section where will you have  an opportunity to test your newly acquired paddling skills. While kayaking down this section you will experience the true beauty of a wild jungle river, breathtaking views of the gorge along with the taste of adrenalin rush that is part and parcel of white water kayaking. 

Day 3 (6 hours)

The first session of the day will be spent on introducing you to one of the most import aspects of white water kayaking; the mysterious kayak roll. Our ACA trained instructors are experts at teaching this skill and have helped many a kayaker to get a solid bombproof roll. We will breakdown the kayak roll into simple intuitive steps and give you a chance to try it on your own in both still and moving water.  With our methods we are confident that you will rolling your kayak effortlessly in no time. 

The second half of the day we will guide you down a slightly longer and harder section than the one that you ran on the day before.   On the way down you will be made to practice all the river running skills such as eddy hopping, peel outs, ferry etc. We show you how to negotiate big waves and "punch" holes  and we will end the day by trying to surf and play on some nice waves on the river. 

Trip Itinerary 

  • Depart Bangalore 6:30PM on Thursday August 8th
  • Arrive at guest house near Bandipur at 10 PM. Dinner and overnight stay
  • Depart guest house, Bandipur at 6:30 AM on Friday August 9th
  • Arrive in Kodenchary, Kerala at 10:30 AM
  • 11AM - 5:30 PM LTK session on the river.  
  • Dinner and overnight in a hotel at Kodenchery
  • Start LTR-Intro session at 9am on the river, Saturday August 10th
  • River Running essentials, ferry, eddying, peel outs. 9am - 1:30pm  
  • River Run, Class II (4 kms) . 2:30  - 5:30pm
  • Dinner and overnight in a hotel at Kodenchery
  • Rolling session, 9am - 12:30pm Sunday August 11th
  • River Running (intermediate) 1pm - 4pm
  • Depart from Kodenchery by 4:30pm


The cost for the trip are Rs. 14,000 per person. This includes :

  1. Meals. (Dinner on 8th; Breakast lunch and dinner on 9th; Breakfast, lunch and dinner on the 10th. Breakfast & Lunch on the 11th) 
  2. Transport. Central pick-up and drop-off point in Bangalore
  3. Gear Rental. Kayak, paddle, spray deck, helmet & PFD
  4. 3-day kayak instruction  

What to Carry

  • Change of clothes & towel. A quick drying t-shirt along with a pair of shorts for use in the water.
  • Sandals that won't come off if you are swimming
  • Sun-screen & mosquito repellent
  • Any personal medication
  • If you wish to use sunglasses or spectacles on the river, please make sure that you carry the appropriate retainers so that they don't come off in the water.

Trip Requirements

  • Must be above the age of 12
  • Must not suffer from any medical or physical condition that prohibits the participant from partaking in strenuous physical exercise
  • Ability to swim 10 minutes unassisted, with the use of a PFD (Personal Flotation Device)