"It is blue!", said Bhavpreet Singh, who had bought the Mamba this year in May.

Bhavpreet Singh has been paddling for the last three years. He's a run a bunch of rivers such as the Iruvanji, Chali, Ganga, Surya and Kali. He recently completed a trip to the Bhagirathi river. If asked which was his favorite river to run, he responds with a "All rivers are different." And rightly so. Bhavpreet wishes to continue having the fun he does with the sport, now with his blue Mamba!    

"I chose the Mamba as it has more volume and a lot more stable for my size.The boat also has rails on the hull that helps carve sharp eddies and in surfing. " The Mamba can possibly help in carrying equipment to support a multi-day trips/expeditions as well, due to its bigger nature. 
A word to the rookie paddlers from Bhavpreet, "Just get on any boat and have fun!"

Bhavpreet with his blue Mamba!

Bhavpreet with his blue Mamba!

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