Another experienced review by paddler Shyam on the famous Dagger Mamba.

"A good river runner!", said Shyam, when asked to describe his yellow Dagger Mamba 8.1.

Shyam has been paddling for a long time on flat water , recently got into whitewater kayaking in 2013. He has run a few rivers including sections of the Kaveri, Chali, Iruvanji and Barapole. When asked about his favorite river, Shyam could not choose just one. He diplomatically settled with saying all! His purpose with kayaking is simple but profound- just to enjoy his time in the water!

"My yellow Dagger Mamba gives great confidence when  making the moves in the river.", said Shyam. "I chose this boat as advised by the gurus and am happy with my priced possession!" How the Dagger Mamba can help in training for a rookie paddler? Shyam believes the Mamba will particularly be helpful for a novice kayaker to work on entering and peeling out from eddys as well as in edging, all important basic moves in kayaking. 

Shyam with his yellow Dagger Mamba 8.1

Shyam with his yellow Dagger Mamba 8.1

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