Comfortable, fast and a carving machine- The three words chosen by Kasi Vishwanath Raju to describe his boat, the Wave Sport Diesel 70. 

Kasi has been paddling since October 2013 and has managed to consistently hit the river at least one weekend every month ever since. He has tackled the Kaveri, Barapole, Irunvanzhi, Chali, Ganga and the Saryu-Kali rivers located in the India-Nepal border. When asked about his favorite river, he decided on the Saryu and had a lot to say as to why, "It was just perfect for my level. Challenging but not scary and more importantly, the scenery was epic! Flowing through emerald green water of the Saryu surround by thick jungles is an experience like no other." His future goals with kayaking is to paddle the Sun Kosi in Nepal and the Tsarap-Zhanskar in Ladakh in a couple of years. Once he has accomplished those rivers, he wishes to tackle the mighty Bhramaputra!

Kasi decided on the Diesel 70 as he had learnt paddling on the the very same boat and had practiced a fair amount with it. "So I felt more comfortable in the Diesel and preferred it over any other boat I tried." He continued by saying, "The Diesel is one boat for all occasions, be it river running, creeking or playing in wave and holes!"

When asked about how can the Diesel 70 be beneficial in training for a rookie paddler, he responded explaining how keeping the Diesel upright is not as easy as it would be with the Mamba or any other big volume boats. Therefore, it gives very good practice in bracing and punching holes. 

Kasi on his Diesel 70, tackling some gnarly waves. 

Kasi on his Diesel 70, tackling some gnarly waves. 

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