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About the Trip

Our bonus trip for the month of March and by invite only.  Float along the wild and scenic section of the Cauvery river,  relax around a camp-fire on a river beach and get ready to battle some thundering rapids. This is one trip that you will never forget. It's going to be big, it's going to be hard and you are going to get wet ! So If you think you have what it takes, read on and let us know why you think you can step it up on to take on the Multi-day Cauvery Challenge. 

Trip Level : Whitewater Class II - III


  • Ability to swim 25-50 meters unassisted with a PFD 
  • Must have successfully completed LTR (Level 2) or Advanced White-water technique
  • A working river roll or be confident about t-rescue on the rapids. 
  • The will to go out there and shred-it ! 

Trip Itinerary

Day 1. Friday, March 6th

We depart from Bangalore around 6:30 AM in the morning after loading-up our kayaks and gear. It's a 4 hour drive to the put-in, we will cross the eastern ghat elephant sanctuary along the way. We will arrive at our put-in by noon and immediately get into our boats. There is an easy class II rapid right at our put-in and a long flat section just after.  We spend the rest of the day training at this rapid, working on our basic river running skills such as eddying, ferrying and peeling out. For those of you who want to practise your t-rescues and rolls, we'll make sure that you get some time for that too.  We'll end the day's session at 5:30 PM after which, everyone will be assigned camp duties such as collecting water and firewood and setting up the tents. 

Campsite on the Cauvery

Campsite on the Cauvery

Day 2. Saturday 7th March

Today is when the real adventure begins. We start the day at 9 AM and we will begin by paddling upstream for about 4 kms. Yes, you read it right, upstream paddling for 4 kms. Any kayaker will tell you that paddling upstream is a true test of your technical skills. Upstream paddling requires one to ferry and eddy-hop from one side of the river to another while working your way up. All the river running skills that you have learnt so far will be put to the test. The goal of the day is to reach  two amazing Class III rapids on which we will spend the next 3 hours training. Portaging these rapids will be an option for those who think they are not upto it. 

For lunch we paddle back to our campsite. After finishing lunch we will pack our overnight supplies into our kayak and aim to paddle downriver for 12-15 kms in true multi-day style. Your kayaks will be heavier by at least 7-10 kgs and paddling a loaded kayak on a rapid is an altogether different kind of experience. 

Along the way we will encounter  about 3-4 class II-III rapids and perhaps if you are lucky then you might get a sighting of the elusive cauvery river otters.  We'll aim to reach our second campsite by 5:30 PM. Expect this campsite to be completely deserted and wild !  

Day 3. Sunday March 8th

We start the day really early and plan to be on the water by 7AM. By now our kayaks will be slightly lighter which will help us negotiate the long flat 5 km section that lies at the exit of this kayaking section. There will be a few interesting rapids along the way and the last rapid on the section is a small 1 mtr drop, which we can run a few times. We plan to be at the take-out by 1PM at Hogenakkal where the taxis will be waiting to pick us up.  We expect to be back in Bangalore between 6-7 PM. 

What to Carry 

  • Sleeping bags 
  • Flash lights 
  • Mosquito repellent and sun screen 
  • Water bottles, Gatorade, snacks etc
  • Change of clothes 
  • A waterproof bag, atleast 20 lts. (Let us know if you want us to arrange one for you)
  • Toilet paper 
  • Matches or lighter 
  • Personal medication 


The per-person costs for the trip are Rs. 5000 and this includes all the rental for the kayaking equipment and the instruction costs. If you possess your own gear then the costs are Rs. 1500. 

We will be arranging the tents, taxis and food & water supplies. The costs for the these will be shared equally among the group. 


If you got this far and you think you are up for a trip of a lifetime then get in touch with manik@goodwave.in and let us know why you should be part of this expedition. If we are convinced that you have what it takes to be the River-king (or queen) of the Cauvery then we will send you an invite. Tally ho !