Course Information 

This course is designed for those who are looking to earn themselves the badge of Whitewater kayakers.  We revisit the basics of kayak rolling and river running on the scenic confines of Kayakkam reservoir and on the following day we guide you down a challenging section of the Iruvanhjipuzha river.   

Day 1 (6 hours)

Eskimo roll

There is no better form of rescue than self-rescue

The eskimo roll is one of the most crucial moves hat a white water kayaker must master. A solid eskimo roll will accelerate your progress and help you gain confidence when running challenging white waters.  We will gradually delve into the mysterious dimensions of the eskimo roll, analyzing step by step the components that make up this complex move. After working on your hip snap, you will be able to try your roll assisted by an instructor, and finally on your own. 

Special attention is given to the development of comfort while upside down and under the water - one of the essential factors of success in a roll. Different variations of the roll will be demonstrated to you throughout the course.

River Reading

The more we progress in river running the more is crucial to take fast decision while choosing a line or when placing our blade into the water. To do that is essential to comprehend the flow of the water, in every aspect, and to anticipate the features of the river. This is river reading. This is what we will practice on this course, from the shore, while scouting, and form the boat, while paddling.

River Running Strategies

How do we run the river? What should we know before putting in? How do we organize our group? What is the plan of action? How we will communicate while paddling? What do we do in case of an emergency? In this course we will spend time reasoning on how we make sure we enter the river as a group that is aware and self sufficient, proactive and ready for the challenges ahead.

Day 2 (6 hours)

This is the day when you put into practice everything that you have been training hard for. We run the section from toddy shop bridge to Jogi's holy hole on the Iruvanhjipuzha. With 4 challenging class III rapids to negotiate, this section will test you both physically and mentally.  However, with seasoned ACA certified instructors on hand you have nothing to worry about as long as you bring the right attitude and the same level of commitment that we will put in to ensure that you make it down the river safely.

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Trip Itinerary 

  • Depart Bangalore 03:30PM on Friday July 4th
  • Arrive at guest house White Water Woods at 10 PM. Dinner and overnight stay
  • Saturday July 5th, 10AM - 5:30 PM LTK session on the river.  
  • Dinner and overnight in a hotel/resort
  • Start LTR-Intro session at 9am on the river, Sunday July 6th
  • Depart for Bangalore at 4:30 PM.  


The cost for the trip are Rs. 11,500 per person. This includes :

  1. Meals. (Dinner on 4th, Breakast lunch and dinner on 5th, Breakfast, lunch and dinner on the 6th) 
  2. Transport. Central pick-up and drop-off point in Bangalore
  3. Gear Rental. Kayak, paddle, spray deck, helmet & PFD
  4. 2-day kayak instruction  

Places to Stay 

White Water Woods : A beautiful resort located high up in the mountains of Wyanad. The sound of gushing mountain stream to sing you to sleep and sound of crickets to wake you up are are just one of the few things that make this place special. 

What to Carry

  • Change of clothes & towel. A quick drying t-shirt along with a pair of shorts for use in the water.
  • Sandals that won't come off if you are swimming
  • Sun-screen & mosquito repellent
  • Any personal medication
  • If you wish to use sunglasses or spectacles on the river, please make sure that you carry the appropriate retainers so that they don't come off in the water.

Trip Requirements

  • Must be above the age of 12
  • Must not suffer from any medical or physical condition that prohibits the participant from partaking in strenuous physical exercise
  • Ability to swim 10 minutes unassisted, with the use of a PFD (Personal Flotation Device)
  • Must have completed LTR + AFT 

Course Registration

Please use the following form to sign-up Course Registration or call +91-9740067323