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Eskimo roll

There is no better form of rescue than self-rescue

The eskimo roll is one of the most crucial moves hat a white water kayaker must master. A solid eskimo roll will accelerate your progress and help you gain confidence when running challenging white waters.  We will gradually delve into the mysterious dimensions of the eskimo roll, analyzing step by step the components that make up this complex move. After working on your hip snap, you will be able to try your roll assisted by an instructor, and finally on your own. 

Special attention is given to the development of comfort while upside down and under the water - one of the essential factors of success in a roll. Different variations of the roll will be demonstrated to you throughout the course.

 Finally, we will work on bracing techniques, refining one of the most important moves that a whitewater paddler can learn. Low brace and high brace (executed in a safe shoulder position) take a lot of time to be mastered. Let's step it up!



The cost for the trip is Rs. 1,500 per person. This includes :

  1. Instruction Fees. 
  2. Gear Rental. Kayak, paddle, spray deck, helmet & PFD


What to Carry

  • Change of clothes & towel. A quick drying t-shirt along with a pair of shorts for use in the water.
  • Sun-screen
  • Any personal medication
  • If you wish to use sunglasses or spectacles on the pool, please make sure that you carry the appropriate retainers so that they don't come off in the water.


Trip Requirements

  • Must have completed LTK 1


Course Registration

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