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Intern/Operations Manager

Location : Bangalore

Type : Part-time



Whitewater is us ! 


Goodwave Adventures, is looking for two motivated individuals who love the outdoors and want to be a part of team that organizes whitewater kayaking trips and international kayaking events in South India. 

Interested candidates must be based in Bangalore and would be willing to travel to our course locations about 2 weekends a month. This is a part-time position which requires about 2-4 hours of online work, related to answering emails, queries about our trips, social media promotions, per week. 

Please go through the job requirements below and interested candidates should use the form on the right to send in your application.  Please allow us 48 hours to get back to you after receiving your applications

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Job requirements

1.     Interested candidates must possess a laptop and should be well versed with social media platforms and other conventional computer programs such as Microsoft Office, Emails etc.

2.     Candidates must have a good oral and written communication skills.

3.     Must have a valid driver’s license.

4.     Candidate must be willing and ready to train and learn the sport of whitewater kayaking. Training and equipment will be provided as perks of the employment. If the candidates progress, they will be able to assist in the training of our clients in the course trips.

5.     Candidates must be willing to travel to our course destinations, largely during the weekends. Transportation and accommodation shall be provided.

6.     Candidates must have a genuine love and desire for adventure and nature. The role requires quick thinking and decision making in high pressure environments.

Work Commitments

1. Travel to our outdoor locations, at-least 2 weekends a month 

2. Weekdays. 2-4 hours a week. 

Job Salary & PErks 

1. We will train you to be a skilled white-water kayaker. You will undergo this training for the first 3-6 months. Following the completion of this training you will be assisting with Goodwave trips which can be an opportunity for you to develop your whitewater kayaking skills. 

2. Goodwave Adventures will sponsor your Whitewater Rescue Technician and CPR certifications. 

3. Instructor discount at our online equipment store : www.madrasfuntools.in

4.  Rs. 5000/- until the completion of your internship (4-6 months). Following that Goodwave Adventures may choose to make you a permament member of our staff with a salary of Rs. 20,000 (Twenty thousand) per month

Detailed job Description 

1.     Work to be conducted in all relevant social media platforms of Goodwave Adventures. Responsibilities include marketing upcoming training courses, posting news, blogs and relevant information as well as photos and videos.

2.     Communicating and answering all questions and queries from interested and potential clients who enquire on upcoming trips and courses.

3.     Coordination with clients signed up for the courses. Responsibilities include sending informational email with details of the trip. Figuring out and finalising logistics for the course trips including travel plans and accommodation.

4.     Coordinate with Goodwave Adventure’s river guides to ensure the course trips are on track and will be conducted smoothly.

5.     Inventory and special attention to Goodwave Adventure school’s equipment. This will include constant monitoring of kayaks, PFDs, Spray Decks, Helmets and Paddles. A constant record must be kept as well as investigation of any damages.

6.     Kayaks and equipment need to be assigned to clients who have signed up for the courses.

7.     Play the role of Goodwave’s Liasion with the transportation and food partners for the conducted course trips.

8.     Understanding of the equipment that Madras Fun Tools have to offer in the online shop. Tasks will include regular inventories to be conducted, preparing purchased orders and organization of the back-end store.

9.     Be involved and part of the organizing committee for the various kayaking festivals organized by Goodwave Adventures such as the Malabar River Festival and Kali Kayak Festival. Commitments will include social media marketing, coordination with incoming athletes, setting up of the events and more. Additional details will be given closer to the events.